Implementation of fundamental and applied scientific researches based on the University’s laboratory, methodic and complex principles.

Introduction and implementation of modern methods of experimental and clinical-laboratory researches.


  • Ensuring working conditions to the staff of departments of the University, the scientific groups, PhD students, and students to be able to conduct scientific researches either on their own or together with the Scientific-Research Center, and provision of scientific advocacy support.
  • Creation of independent scientific groups of clinical residents and students on the grounds of the Scientific-Research Center basis with the aim of conducting scientific researches with modern directions of theoretical and practical medicine.
  • Conduct of scientific-practical lessons with students in the relevant units of Scientific-Research Center with the aim of implementation of technique to use research equipment and modern methods of research.
  • Qualification of scientific staff, implementation of capacity building events. 

YSMU scientific units (laboratories and groups) 

  • Laboratory of morphological researches of the Scientific-Research Center
  • Laboratory of radioisotope, radioimmune and immunoenzyme researches
  • Laboratory of biochemical and biophysical researches
  • Laboratory of electro-physiological researches
  • Laboratory of engineering maintenance, mathematical modeling and constructive processing
  • Laboratory of analytical chemistry
  • Student scientific laboratory
  • Laboratory clinical diagnosis center
  • Center of medical genetics and molecular diagnosis
  • Laboratory of clinical diagnosis (cytomorphological diagnosis)
  • Laboratory of functional diagnosis
  • Laboratory of biochemical diagnosis 

Laboratories of the Scientific-Research Center involved in the YSMU scientific programs implemented with basic funding. (PdF)


Director of the Scientific-Research Center: Arto Zilfyan
Tel: +37460 621273, ext. 2-73