The future Iranian dentist considers YSMU education a great opportunity
The future Iranian dentist considers YSMU education a great opportunity

Najmeh Fazeli, a 25-year-old future dentist, has recently graduated from Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi. She considers Armenia a heaven, and the education at YSMU – a great opportunity to learn more.

Najmeh was born in May 1995 in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran. She has been living in Yerevan for the last six years.

Telling about how she decided to come to Armenia, to study at YSMU and whether becoming a doctor was her dream, Najmeh says: “Not really. I love new environments and meeting new people getting to know different cultures and learning languages. I was thinking about changing my major environment, and Armenia seemed the best option for me. And then I fell in love with Armenia and Yerevan”. Here, in our country, the Iranian girl feels like home. “Lovely people, very beautiful nature and amazing culture, as well as tasty food… Armenia reminds me a heaven”, emphasizes Najmeh. 

The education at YSMU, in her words, was a great opportunity to learn more. “And also to have some very amazing teachers whom I adore, they are: Hyarpi Sahakyan, Anna Khachatryan and Mary Mkhitaryan”, she adds. Among the subjects studied at YSMU Najmeh’s favorites are Dental surgery and philosophy. Studying at YSMU, she says, has its own difficulties, especially for a person studying medicine in second language. “But it has been an amazing adventure. I learned a lot about medicine and life too”, Najmeh adds.

The future dentist is also greatly interested in art. “I play violin and a little bit of ukulele and piano. I love to paint, abstract style. I speak four languages – Persian, English, Armenian and French. I used to do boxing, gymnastics, basketball and jogging. Now I do mostly jogging. I love to read news and articles to know more about our life, how we can improve as societies, as well as women’s rights. I also love watching documentaries about these things”, Najmeh tells.

In the end, the Iranian graduate of YSMU advises her future colleagues to be hardworking, to love what they do, to pour love into their job and always to believe in themselves.


Author: Tatevik Ghazaryan