This is to inform that as per the decision of The Government of the Republic of Armenia, the educational institutes in Armenia are not functioning till 23.03.2020.

We would like to inform that YSMU is taking care of all necessary precautions as prescribed by health authorities against COVID-19.

YSMU’s Student’s hostel is well equipped with personal hygiene and sanitizing articles.

The students of hostel are checked regularly for their body temperature. The hostel is under quarantine regime to avoid any contact from outside.

Everyday students are provided with free breakfast from hostel’s cafeteria and other meals of the day are been provided with affordable prices.

University’s hospitals are well prepared with high standards of preparedness ready to cater any patient’ s need.

Foreign students who are living outside the university hostels can contact university authorities and other responsible authorities 24*7 for any health issues or other issue, if arises.